In the Doctoral School Solids4Fun (Building Solids for Function) the interplay between parameters and properties will be exemplarily investigated for different kinds of inorganic solids. This especially includes oxides, semiconductors and intermetallics in different forms, such as thin films, (nano-)composites, porous materials, quantum dots, photonic crystals, metamaterials or hybrid materials. Solids4Fun intends to address the challenging problem of interdisciplinarity by a well-balanced training program.


"Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Image of Single Gold Adatoms on an Iron Oxide Surfaces" provided by Prof. Dr. Diebold (For more information see full paper: Z. Novotný et al., Physical Review Letters, 108 (2012) 216103)

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Program Solids4Fun


Prof. Dr. Andrei Pimenov
Institute of Solid State Physics

Deputy Speaker:
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fleig
Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics

Coordinator of the Doctoral Program:
Dr. Andre Vogel
Institute of Materials Chemistry