PhD Degrees


Dominic Bachmann

"Broadband terahertz quantum cascade lasers: Time-resolved spectroscopy, pulse generation and amplification"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: K. Unterrrainer, G. Strasser, and A. Tredicucci

Pavel Malevich

"Generation of intense mid-IR pulses and their application for remote sensing"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: A. Baltuška, G. Strasser, G. Cerullo, and M. M. Murnane


Roland Bliem

"Single Metal Adatoms at the Reconstructed Fe3O4(001) Surface"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: U. Diebold, P. Blaha, and U. Heiz

Oscar Alberto Gamba Vasquez

"Surface Chemistry of Fe3O4(001)"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: U. Diebold, G. Rupprechter, and M. Sterrer

Diana Geiger

"Investigations of Quantum Critical Materials at Low Energies"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: S. Bühler-Paschen, J. Majer, and S. Wirth

Jonathan Hänel

"Thermoelectric properties of the Kondo semiconductor CeRu4Sn6"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: S. Bühler-Paschen, K. Held, and T. Cichorek

Stefan Putz

"Circuit Cavity QED with Macroscopic Solid‐State Spin Ensembles"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: J. Majer, S. Bühler-Paschen, and A. Imamgolu

Ghislain Rupp

"Unravelling the relationship between surface chemistry and oxygen exchange kinetics (La,Sr)CoO3‐δ thin film cathodes"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: J. Fleig, G. Rupprechter, and B. Yildiz

Thomas Schäfer

"Classical and Quantum Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: K. Held, J. Burgdörfer, and G. Sangiovanni

Markus Schiebl

"Dielectric spectroscopy at the spin-driven ferroelectric phase transition in chiral multiferroic DyMnO3"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: A. Pimenov, J. Fleig, and W. Schranz


Larisa Chizhova

"Electronic and Optical Properties of Graphene and Large-Scale Graphene Nanodevices"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: J. Burgdörfer, U. Diebold, and M. I. Katsnelson

Elisabeth Felbermair

"Cross-Linked Cyanometallate Networks of Ni(II) and Fe(III) in Silica"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: U. Schubert, S. Bühler-Paschen, and H. Peterlik

Johannes Kreutzer

"Ligand Exchange Reactions of Transition Metal Oxo Clusters and their Application for the Synthesis of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: U. Schubert, P. Blaha, and H. Peterlik

Franz Paul Tiwald

"Local Electronic Excitations in Extended Systems: A Quantum-Chemistry Approach "   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: J. Burgdörfer, P. Blaha, and T. Klüner


Tobias Huber

"Identifying, Visualizing and Modifying Reaction Pathways of Oxygen Reduction on Sr-Doped Lanthanum Manganite (LSM) Model Electrodes"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: J. Fleig, A. Pimenov, and B. Yildiz

Jingxia Yang

"Synthesis of CeO2-Based Materials by Combination of Sol-Gel and Solvothermal Processing and their Application for Catalytic CO Oxidation"   Abstract

Thesis Advisory Committee: U.Schubert, G.Rupprechter, and N. Hüsing