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Georg Wachter

Nitrogen vacancy (NV) defects in diamond are prime examples of a quantum mechanical system. They possess a rich energy level structure, with long spin coherence times and straightforward spin readout protocols.

In his thesis Georg will investigate the coupling of the NV defect to the optical field in a microcavity. This system will constitute a “quantum node”. The coupling will enable cavity-enhanced spin state readout and enhanced, narrowband single photon emission. The microcavities are fabricated using lithographic micromachining of silicon, enabling the creation of large arrays of NV-cavity systems. The first part of the thesis project will be dedicated to perfecting the existing cavity fabrication and NV implantation methods. In the second part of the project the device will be assembled and he will study the light-matter interaction in the quantum node.

The aim of the thesis is to establish a quantum-mechanical connection between quantum nodes on a chip.